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Z-18-12: A 15 acre tract of land located in the L.T. King HRS, A-327, located on East Wallace Drive approximately 0.9 miles from Leopard Drive. Agriculture to Commercial. Clint Blakey, Big Horn Properties, II, under contract to purchase. Vance Liles, MTG Engineers & Surveyors, agent.


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Category:Amendment - Zoning



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Executive Summary and Background Information:


Z-18-12:  This is a request by Clint Blakey, Big Horn Properties, II, under contract to purchase, and MTG Engineering & Surveying, agent, to rezone a 15-acre tract of land in the L.T. King HRS, A-327, located on East Wallace Drive (approximately 0.9 miles east of Leopard Drive) from Agriculture to Commercial. This property is currently vacant land.


The adjacent zoning is Agriculture to the east and west, Jarvis Parkway to the north and outside the city limits to the south. The adjacent land use is Jarvis Parkway to the north, vacant land to the east and south and Grady T. Wallace Park to the west.


The proposed use of this property is an automobile related business. An overview for the proposed development has been provided and consists of the following:


·         A 7,600 square foot metal building with architectural treatments on the front façade with future growth for an additional 4,000 square feet.

·         116 parking spaces.

·         A landscaped monument style sign at the entry/exit and additional signage on the building façade.

·         Security/operations lighting across the entire site.  Lighting will also accommodate security cameras and some evening operations.

·         Access from East Wallace Drive.


The applicant should also be aware there may be additional applicable city code/ordinance requirements including but not limited to building, subdivision, fire, drainage, water and sewer prior to the issuance of building permits.

All notification and application requirements have been met to consider this request.



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Staff Recommendation:

This area south of Jarvis Parkway and east of the park consists of a large amount of vacant undeveloped land.  The proposed development will add new commercial development along the southern loop.  Therefore, staff recommends for approval of this request.



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Planning and Zoning Commission


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Advisory Board/Committee Meeting Date and Minutes: 

October 1, 2018