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Z-18-13: A 1.13 acre tract of land in the Thomas Price HRS, A-466, located at 3303 New Boston Road. Single Family-2 to General Retail. Virgilio Martinez, applicant.


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Category:Amendment - Zoning



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Executive Summary and Background Information:


Z-18-13:  This is a request by Virgilio Martinez, owner, to rezone property located at 3303 New Boston Road (a 1.13 acre tract of land located in the Thomas Price HRS, A-466) from Single Family-2 to General Retail.  The proposed use is an outdoor automobile sales business. The existing use is vacant land.


The adjacent zoning is Single Family-2 and PD-General Retail to the north and Single Family-2 to the south, east and west. The adjacent land use is a residence and car lot to the north. A residence to the east and vacant land to the south and west.


The City’s current Comprehensive Plan has designated this as a mixed-use development area.


This tract is one of several small sections of land fronting on New Boston Road that remain zoned as residential (SF-2).  There is General Retail and Commercial zoning and uses in this immediate area of New Boston Road. An automobile sales business was approved in November 2016 for a property located diagonally across New Boston Road (3314). 



It should be noted that a specific use permit by Section 140-80 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow the one additional use of “new or used auto sales, outdoor lot” in the General Retail zoning district.


The applicant should be aware that a 7’ screening device will be required along the south, west and east property lines where this tract abuts to residential zoning.


The applicant should also be aware that if this zoning change is approved, all other applicable city code/ordinance requirements must be met including but not limited to building codes, setbacks, subdivision, fire, parking, drainage, water and sewer prior to the issuance of building permits.


All notification and application requirements have been met to consider this request.



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Staff Recommendation:


Since this use is consistent with other uses in the area, staff recommends for approval to the General Retail zoning district.


Advisory Board/Committee Review:

Planning and Zoning Commission


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Advisory Board/Committee Meeting Date and Minutes: 

November 5, 2018