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S-699: Specific Use Permit to allow a tattoo studio on part of a 3.18 acre tract of land in the Willis Oldham HRS, A-458. located at 4501 State Line Avenue (tenant space 120). Hayco Realty. LTD, applicant. Brian A. Harris, agent.


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Executive Summary and Background Information:

S-699: This is a request by Hayco Realty, LTD, owner, and Brian Harris, agent, for a Specific Use Permit, SUP, to allow the location of a tattoo studio in tenant space 120 at 4501 State Line Avenue (part of a 3.18 acre tract of land in the Willis Oldham HRS, A-458).  This is a strip shopping center.


A specific use permit was previously approved for a tattoo studio in another tenant space in this same shopping center. That tattoo studio closed, and the specific use permit was revoked.


The adjacent zoning is Commercial to the north, south, east and west.  The adjacent land use is tenants in the strip center to the north, south and east and a restaurant to the west.


This property is zoned Commercial.  A specific use permit is required by Section 140-80 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow the one additional use of a tattoo studio in this zoning district. The State of Texas will regulate this business as to licensing and other health related issues.


This request meets all city requirements to allow the one additional use of a tattoo studio on this property. There is adequate parking for this business.  If this request is approved, staff would suggest the following stipulations be placed in the Ordinance:

1.       That the owner/or any employee performing the application of tattooing procedures be currently licensed by the State and meet all Federal, State and City licensing laws and health regulations. (A copy of the current license must be provided to the City prior to the opening of the business).

2.       That if any complaints concerning minors or any violations of the regulations listed above occur, the City has the right to revoke the Specific Use Permit.

3.       That if this use ever ceases at this location, the City may revoke the Specific Use Permit that allows a tattoo studio.

4.       That the sale of tobacco products or drug paraphernalia is prohibited.

5.       Any remodeling of the current building must meet all city codes and requires licensed contractors.

6.       No painting of the windows or the building with advertisement or graphic art.

7.       No loitering allowed.






The applicant has not stated the proposed hours of operation.  Staff would suggest adding the hours to the stipulations




Potential Options:




Fiscal Implications:



Staff Recommendation:

Since a tattoo studio was previously approved and operated in this shopping center, staff recommends for approval with stipulations. All notifications and application requirements have been met to consider this request.

Advisory Board/Committee Review:

Planning and Zoning Commission


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Advisory Board/Committee Meeting Date and Minutes: 

November 5, 2018