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Ordinance No. 2019-010 amending the Major Maintenance Fund (Fund 120) budget for fiscal year 2019 and adding the amount of ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY DOLLARS AND THIRTY-ONE CENTS ($165,370.31) for unspent funds from the prior fiscal year.


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Executive Summary and Background Information:


In Fiscal Year 2018 the Major Maintenance Fund was established to account for major maintenance projects within the city. It’s source of revenue was a transfer of $3 million from the General Fund. In Fiscal Year 2019 the General Fund transferred an additional $500,000 to the Major Maintenance Fund. Revenue and expenditures for major maintenance are accounted for separately in this fund, which allows for the fund to maintain a rolling fund balance exclusively for major maintenance needs. There is currently $165,370.31 available for appropriation in this fund.


Potential Options:

·         Approve

·         Deny


Fiscal Implications:

Appropriation of current available fund balance.


Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval


Advisory Board/Committee Review:



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Meeting History

Jan 28, 2019 6:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
MOVER:Jean H. Matlock, Ward 1
SECONDER:Christie Alcorn, Ward 4
AYES:Bob Bruggeman, Jean H. Matlock, Mary Hart, Betty Williams, Christie Alcorn, Josh Davis
ABSENT:Bill Harp