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Ordinance No. 2019-001 amending Chapter 140, "Zoning", Section 140-111, "UPDD University Planned Development District" of the Land Development Code.


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Category:Amending the Code of Ordinances



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Executive Summary and Background Information:

Staff recently received a request to amend Section 140-111(d) “Use Regulations” (10) “Area 8” Richmond Road Mixed Use Development” in the University Planned Development District (UPDD) to add a new use.  After considering this request, the Planning and Zoning Commission requested to consider the use request as a part of the five (5) year review of the UPDD Guidelines and that a workshop meeting be held to review these guidelines and make any necessary additions or revisions.  


After the workshop meeting that was held on November 27, 2018, the following revisions and additions were recommended by staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission Most of these changes primarily involve Area 8 (Richmond Road Mixed Use Area).


SEC. 140-111.  UPDD University Planned Development District

(d) Use regulations. A church or chapel is allowed in all areas.

(3) Retail and Mixed Uses:

a. School, public;

b. Bank, credit union, or financial services;

c. Food and beverage store (no package stores);

d. Restaurant or eateries (no drive-thru service allowed east of bridge) roof top/patio/outside seating allowed (only along Bringle Lake frontage);

e. Office use;

f. Mixed uses with ground floor retail, personal services and/or offices, upper floor condominiums;

g. Brownstone condominiums;

h. Department stores;

i. Dry cleaner stores with cleaning facilities outside the UPDD;

j. Civic, cultural, and community facilities;

k. Medical clinic (7,500 square feet maximum);

l. Coffee, bakery or confectionary shop;

m. Retail and shops under 10,000 square feet of gross leasable floor area; and

n. Single-family homes (site built site-built homes, not modular or industrial/manufactured homes).

(6)  Single-Family Residential: Single-family homes (one unit per lot, only site built site-built homes no modular or industrial/manufactured homes).

(7)   Mixed Use Residential (no apartments, townhomes or duplexes allowed):

a. Brownstone townhome/condominiums; and

b. Single-family homes (one unit per lot, only site built site-built homes no modular or industrial/manufactured homes).

(8) Office and Residential Uses:

a. Office use;

b. Single-family homes (one unit per lot, only site built site-built homes no modular or industrial/manufactured homes); and

c. Brownstone townhomes/condominiums.


(10) Richmond Road Mixed Use Development: All that is allowed in Campus Retail and Mixed-Use, plus:

a. Fast food eateries;

b. Gas stations;

c. Townhomes (no duplexes, triplexes or apartments);

d. Day care facility neighborhood health center; and

                 e.     Neighborhood health center;

f. Landscape maintenance business with outdoor display sales and equipment;

g.     Application of permanent cosmetics;

                 h.    Mini-warehouse development with retail and/or office uses fronting on Richmond Road,                                        University Avenue, Kings Highway and Pleasant Grove Road;

                  i.     Garden shop and plant sales;

                          j.     Veterinarian (office only);

                  k.     Barber and beauty shop; and

                  l.      Day spa.

140-111(e) Building design.

              (8)  Site plan approval process.

(i) Review. The UPDD will be reviewed by the planning and zoning commission and the city council for amendments no sooner than annually but not less than every five (5) years thereafter.


It should be noted that any new construction within this district must meet all UPDD guidelines/requirements.  Some of these requirements are architectural façade, fencing/screening materials and landscape requirements.  Examples of these standards are:  1) a brick, stone, rock marble and/or granite façade shall be used in at least 50% of the exterior walls of the development, and 2) fencing materials shall be limited to or a combination of the following:  stone, brick, decorative split faced block masonry, decorative concrete or other masonry material. 

In addition, a site plan approval process is required for any new structure built in the UPDD.  This site plan will be reviewed by the Director of Community Development and Planning, the Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman, and two citizens of Ward Five who reside in the Texarkana, Texas city limits.




Potential Options:




Fiscal Implications:



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends for approval of the proposed revisions and changes.


Advisory Board/Committee Review:

Planning and Zoning Commission


Board/Committee Recommendation: 

The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended for approval of the proposed revisions and changes.

Advisory Board/Committee Meeting Date and Minutes: 

December 3, 2018



Meeting History

Jan 28, 2019 6:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

There were no public comments made at this hearing.

(6:44 p.m.)

MOVER:Josh Davis, Ward 6
SECONDER:Mary Hart, Ward 2
AYES:Bob Bruggeman, Jean H. Matlock, Mary Hart, Betty Williams, Christie Alcorn, Josh Davis
ABSENT:Bill Harp